Our Outdoor education programmes are based on experiential active learning designed to meet your needs. Adventure, team building, leadership, communication, environmental and creative experiences are woven together to give learners skills while developing friendships and having fun.

Our programmes are tailor made to ensure that we meet the desired outcome and goals of each group.


Camper Safety and Security – Priority #1

All our staff are trained and competent in presenting and facilitating the activities, leading the groups and in safety procedures.

Wortelgat is committed to the developing of dynamic leaders through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships and spiritual training. It is therefore absolutely essential that our camp is a safe space and that we’re proactive about protecting our campers.

We hold the safety of each child in the highest regard, which is why we’ve implemented a comprehensive training plan. Our goal is to set the benchmark within the camping industry in Southern Africa and we refuse to compromise on any aspect when it comes to training. This plan includes:

Our Commitment

One of the greatest concerns you as a school, youth group or parent faces is who influences your child. For this reason, we believe it is imperative that staff members are properly screened and possess the training, skills, education, abilities, and heart required to enhance the Wortelgat experience.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is “influence, nothing more nothing less”. Sociologists tell us that even the most introverted individual will influence 10 000 other people during his or her lifetime. What are the characteristics of a good leader?


Can we choose our attitudes? What is attitude? ‘Attitude determines altitude’. The programme will determine the importance of a positive attitude!

Facing your fears

“All the significant battles are waged within oneself”.
Are we the main obstacles to reaching our goals in life?
How can we overcome our fears?
Can we identify our fears?
The programme will teach you to not only face your fears but will also help you to develop skills to overcome them.

Conflict Resolution

How do we deal with conflict?
Is conflict good or bad?
Is conflict inevitable?


What is communication?
Is all communication good?
How can I be a better communicator?

Team work

What does an effective team look like?
What is my role in the team?
Does every member have a part to play?


What is trust? How important is trust?
Can a team be effective without trust?


How important is planning and strategy?


Developing you as an individual?
What are your goals?
Keeping on track.


The programme will challenge the group and individuals. It will allow them to evaluate the groups and their own leadership strengths and weaknesses and help them plan their future.

Team Building Activities

Team Activities and team work is very important in today’s society because:

  • No one can be good at everything, but when all of us combine our talents we can achieve virtually anything
  • Coming together is a beginning – staying together a process – and working together a success.
  • Either we’re pulling together or … we’re pulling apart.
  • You become successful by helping others to become successful.
  • None of us is as smart as all of us!
  • Success depends on the support of other people – the only hurdle between you and what you want to be is the support of others.
  • At Wortelgat we provide Activities for campers to learn to work and plan together, show patience and initiative, learn trust and safety, set goals, solve problems and communicate with one another.

Adventure Activities

Many of our activities are adventurous in nature ranging from soft to hard skills. These activities help to challenge, stretch and move people out of their comfort zones. We do not expect people to go beyond their individual limits but rather encourage them to move those limits to achieve their own individual goals.

Adventure activities include:

  • Water Activities (kayaking, sailing, swimming)
  • Hiking, abseiling and sleep outs in the mountain property
  • Walking to the beach
  • Sleeping under the stars and other night activities
  • Orienteering
  • Raft building
  • Obstacles
  • Archery
  • Ferry

Spiritual Activities

For us the most important decisions made are those to follow Jesus Christ therefore we share the gospel at every opportunity, bearing in mind our rule is respect for each person’s choice of faith.

Our spiritual programmes include:

  • Father & Son Camps (Mentoring boys)
  • Finding your identity: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Creative Activities

“Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and the flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of real education.”
David Polls.

Our setting at Wortelgat lends itself to wonderful opportunities for creative work such as:

  • Writing
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Crafts
  • Dance

Environmental Activities

A textbook can teach a child all the facts and the classroom theory sounds good in words. But the knowledge only last until the exams are done. But first-hand practical experience teaches the lessons one will remember for a long time if not forever. A photo looks pretty, but holding a lizard or seeing a caracal running in the bush makes him real. Experiencing the effect of human impact on our environment makes it a reality, not just a scary story.

Interpretative hikes could include limestone fynbos, animals (small mammals), birds study, alien plants, old wagon route, beach covering dunes, sandy shores and whales, wetlands and estuary studies, catchment areas, mountain waterfalls and forests (by arrangement), stars and planets and water safety.