Environment (Flora & Fauna)

Situated on the banks of the Kleinrivier estuary and picturesquely set in natural vegetation of limestone fynbos and ancient milkwood thickets Wortelgat is blessed with an abundant selection of wild animals, birds and flowers. Come enjoy the many trails that meander through this magnificent place as you discover the wonders of God’s creation.

Mountain Property

Wortelgat owns over 800 hectares on the mountain called Bellevue. Our Western border is Maanskynkop (963 metres above sea level) and the eastern border is a beautiful, indigenous forest with four waterfalls. The property includes the areas above the cliffs with servitude through Crystal Kloof Farm.


It is ideal for wilderness experiences and includes numerous trails and overnight accommodation in a hut built in conjunction with the Oudledebond, Berg en Toer Klub from Stellenbosch University.


Part of our vision is to be good stewards of God’s creation through the restoration and maintenance of the environment and natural beauty.

We are currently members of the following conservancies:

  • Kleinriviersberge Conservancy (In respect of our Mountain Property)
  • Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy (In respect of our property on the lagoon edge). Visit www.fynbos.co.za for further details.