Imagine a place that has been touched by God, a place where wild animals roam freely and where birds soar and call out endlessly. Imagine fynbos nestled close to your doorstep. Imagine cosy cottage accommodation or rustic bush camp rondawels nestled under Milkwood trees, lagoon water gently lapping along sandy, reed lined beaches. Imagine mountain views, magnificent sunsets, star laden skies and roaring seas over the distant dunes.

Imagine being able to breakaway from the stress of life, the busyness of the city, telephones & TV.
Imagine being able to hear nothing but God’s voice…now stop imagining and discover Wortelgat.

Wortelgat Outreach Trust runs an interdenominational Christian campsite and conference venue for churches, schools and other groups. Programmes on offer are multifaceted including educational, environmental, social and spiritual components.

It is God’s own place uniquely and picturesquely set in natural vegetation of limestone fynbos and ancient milkwood thickets on the banks of the Kleinrivier estuary with magnificent views of the Kleinrivier mountains, situated 10kms from Stanford near Hermanus. Walks and hikes meander through the fynbos, along the koppies and under the milkwoods along the lagoon edge. Hikes through the forests to waterfalls in the mountain add to the variety of flora and fauna as does the walk through the nature reserve to a long white sandy beach with magnificent views of whales and dolphins.

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